Air Rifle Outdoor


We shoot benchrest style, mainly on the 50m ranges, but occasionally on the 100m range, and because the rifles are supported when shooting it allows people of any age to participate.

The rifles used are high power Pre Charged Pneumatic (PCP) type in 0.177”, 0.22”, and 0.25” calibre which give us the ability to shoot the longer distances.

We have an upper calibre limit of 0.25” (6.35mm) to prevent damage to our metal targets.

Our members spend a lot of time testing and tuning their rifles to get maximum accuracy, and discussing ideas is part of the entertainment.

We are constantly designing and building new targets and target systems to keep things interesting.

Shooting practice takes place every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning on Range 2, and new shooters are most welcome.

We shoot a competition event on the last Saturday of each month.

Field Target

A dedicated Field Target Range has been built and is currently awaiting police approval.

This discipline requires shooters to be able to shoot from standing, sitting, and kneeling positions.

The targets are located anywhere between 10m and 40m and cover 5 lanes, so there is a lot of skill required to achieve a good score.

Choosing a Rifle

If you are looking to purchase a new PCP air rifle then come down to the club for a chat and get the benefit of our experience with various brands and models.

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