Disciplines Overview

There are many disciplines shot at Canning Club appealing to a wide range of interests and skill levels. At Canning Club our disciplines cater for beginners through to experts. We provide guidance and practical assistance from experienced senior club members. Our Discipline Matches are currently being rewritten by our Captains and we are looking forward to exciting new courses of fire. Information will be added as discipline rules are revised.

Disciplines include:

  • Canning Mandar (rimfire & centrefire)
  • Canning Field (moving and static matches)
  • Canning Action Match
  • Canning Air Pistol
  • Canning Air Rifle
  • Canning Black Powder
  • Canning Practical Pistol
  • Canning Single Action
  • Canning 3 Positional Rifle
  • Canning Field Rifle
  • Canning Lever Action
  • Canning Revolver,¬†and
  • Canning Centre Fire Match.

Refer to individual disciplines for Captain comments and a detailed explanation of each individual match.