Canning Mandar

Canning Mandar is explained as the following:

Canning Mandar is a static match run on our No.1 rolling range with turning targets and at varied distances from 25 metres to 7 metres.

There are three matches which are shot on alternate weeks and when combined make this match the most diverse of all of the clubs events.

The matches are designed to test the shooters ability at precision shooting, rapid fire at turning targets and rapid magazine or “speed loader” reloads.

The match may be shot using rim fire or centre fire, revolvers or semi-auto’s, open sights or red dots.

The matches are graded to allow for more even competition amongst other similarly ranked shooters.

This is generally considered the most popular match and shooters of all ages, sex and mobility can compete in a safe friendly environment.

With our range lighting we are able to shoot matches during the week in the evenings, allowing for greater access for members with family commitments.