New Members

For those looking at becoming members at the Canning Club we invite you to come down and check out our facilities. You can even have a supervised shoot with our Air Pistol Captain. If you believe this is the sport for you, you are required to shoot multiple targets at 10 meters with 10 shots per target on the Air Pistol Range. The Air Pistol Captain will assist you with technique and safety requirements. If you fulfil the safety requirements of the Club you will then progress through to a Safety Induction with one of our Safety Officers where you will be permitted to use Club guns. You will be a provisional shooter for four individual matches. If you adhere to the safety requirements and complete the four matches, you will then be considered a provisional member for a six month period once your membership has been paid. After six months your membership status will be voted upon at a Club Committee meeting.

With respect to junior shooters, there is no minimal age for joining the club.  Juniors will be considered as possible members dependent upon their maturity and adherence to safety procedures and protocols. Physical capability is also a consideration with respect to the weight of the firearm and the strength required to maintain control of that firearm. Parents, or a written permission for another adult to accompany the junior, is a requirement under state law.

The ethos at Canning Club is that serving members are here to assist you as a new member and make your journey to membership supported, educational and enjoyable.  To know all the basics about joining our club you can download our Safety Rules and New Member/Visitor Awareness Package here

We look forward to you coming down the Club, meeting our members and becoming part of our community.